7 Step Small Business Marketing Checklist

Every small business owner needs a good checklist before they fire off their next small business marketing campaign. This goes for you (and me) too since it’s so easy to forget to include something, which means your response will suffer.So in this short article, I’ll give you small business marketing checklist you can use to make sure you include the most important elements on your next campaign.Give this article a read, and see for yourself.7 Step Small Business Marketing Checklist:1. Do you have an engaging headline?Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Bencivenga and many other great copywriters have said time and time again that the importance of a strong and compelling headline is second to none. What’s a headline? It a piece of copy that goes near the top of your campaign that is designed to grab the attention of your targeted reader. Think of it like the headlines in a newspaper. Don’t you scan them in order to determine which of the articles you want to read? Same goes for a headline on a small business marketing piece.2. Do you include benefit laden copy on your marketing piece?All too often I critique copy that is heavy on features but light on benefits. Remember, benefits are all your prospect cares about. So make sure every small business marketing piece you fire off is loaded with believable and tantalizing benefits.3. What is your offer? Is it super strong?The number one part of an advertising campaign is the offer. This is like the engine to a car. How far will your car get without an engine? Before you create your next marketing piece you must first figure out what you want to offer.4. Do you have a limited time offer, aka a deadline?If you fail to include a deadline, then you don’t have quality advertising campaign. How come? Because a deadline forces your prospect to respond to your offer so they don’t miss out. This is a very powerful piece of psychology here, so make sure you use it.5. How clear is your call to action?This is the part of your campaign where you get your prospect to do something. To follow a particular set of steps so they can get something. Make sure this is as clear as a fresh Spring day.6. Is your small business marketing piece being read by a qualified prospect?Who is reading your small business marketing piece? Are they qualified to buy? Do they have the money to buy? The interest? The problem that your product or service solves? Next to your offer, this is second most important.7. Do you have all of your contact information?One time I forget to put my telephone number on a marketing campaign. Can you imagine? I couldn’t believe it. Everything else was perfect. But I’ll never know how that campaign faired since nobody knew how to call me. Don’t make this mistake.So there you have it.A checklist you can run your next small business marketing campaign through to give it the best chance of success.

Developing Your Small Business Marketing Online

The internet is an amazing tool for small business marketing. There are various strategies you can implement to advertise your business. When marketing using the internet, you automatically expose your business to the global population. This promises a successful business while having your products sold on the other side of the world.However, online marketing can be just as competitive as offline businesses. This should not distress your enthusiasm because the right internet marketing strategies can allow you a successful business on the virtual market. By using the right techniques, you can reach a wider audience than you would if your business was offline. Here are some online tools you can use to promote your small business.Social Networks as StrategiesSocial networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc all are increasingly being used as advertising tools. This is no surprise considering the number of consumers these top social networks attract. Creating a social page of your business that promotes services and/or products basically acts as a banner. Consumers can easily find our small business; they can choose to follow your page, which in turn promotes your page to their contacts. This type of small business marketing is highly effective. You will have to remember to constantly update the status of your services, allow fans to ask questions and allow conversations. Interactive internet marketing strategies prove beneficial. A quick response to their queries will increase the chances of marketing. While it may be tempting to cram information into your advertising platforms, make the information simple and to the point. Avoid long sentences and detailed explanations at first, especially if it is an introductory service or product.Blogs and Forums for Marketing Blogs and forums are another successful small business marketing tools. These make it easier for the audience to get to know more about your business. Blogs are platforms where you have the freedom to describe your services and products in detail. Include images, videos and other audio-visuals as internet marketing strategies. If you are looking at forums, you can choose one that has free webinars for subscribers. This allows you to network with members face-to-face, which is an important feature if you want to gain trust from your potential customers.Enhance Your Business CredibilityProviding the right details determines your credibility. Keep in constant contact with your members and associates. Allow consumers to write user reviews. Potential customers will rely more on user reviews than company reviews. For this reason, make sure your business is of high quality, including customer service and other marketing policies. small business marketing online can be an exciting endeavor when handled carefully. It eliminates the need of dealing with co-workers, hiring employees, office politics and so on. By applying the right internet marketing strategies, you can live off the income from your online sales.

Small Business Marketing the Easy Way

Marketing is something every small business owner knows they should do, but when they get around to it most just scratch their heads and wonder where to start. True, it can be a daunting experience to build a marketing plan, and then put it into practice. It takes a bit of time and planning, and there are always costs to consider. That said, there are ways to market a small business that are both easy to plan and implement and, better still, are very low-cost or even free.This is very good news for those small business owners who have had the misfortune to hire a “creative” marketing agency or “branding” consultant, and then watched as the money they spent disappeared without a single penny in return.Simple Small Business Marketing StrategiesDon’t Sell Your Stuff. Most businesses try too hard to sell their stuff, and in fact a much better approach is to not try to sell at all. Most people reading this will think that’s a recipe for disaster, because if you don’t sell anything, the business doesn’t generate any revenue and profits. This is true, but what I mean is making an overt attempt to sell is counter-productive. The best way to sell is to simply create a great product or service, and then tell people about it. That way you attract people to you instead of you chasing them all the time. This makes selling easier, and more profitable. As well as a great product, you should also give great customer service, and that’s the next strategy.Customer Service Is Paramount. Ask any business owner about their service levels and they’ll all swear they give really good service. What they mean is they give service at a level that’s about the same as their competitors. But that’s never good enough to make a business stand out from the crowd. To do that, you need to give customer service nothing short of excellent – at a level which makes people talk about your business to their friends, and recommend you. This does take some effort, but the rewards far outweigh the effort you put in.Market All the Time. Once you have a great product, and you give great customer service, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s to tell people about it, and attract them to you as outlined above. But don’t think you should do this once and then forget about it. You should have a marketing plan that rolls on, and you should be doing something each month – and maybe every week – to tell people about your business and make sure you’re always the first choice. You could send out an email three times a week, run a print ad once a week, or send out a piece of direct mail every month. Even better, do all three.Some of the marketing strategies have costs, but none are particularly expensive, and some of them, such as simply giving great customer service, don’t really cost anything at all. Follow these three strategies and you’re almost guaranteed to see improvements in your sales and revenue, and without spending a penny on hiring a “creative” consultant or branding guru.