A Small Business Marketing Consultant And Your Business

There are many responsibilities and chores that come with owning and running a small business. When purchasing a business you go into it with high hopes and dreams of financial success. You want to become a successful business person as quickly as possible while remaining professional. It is important to have many clever ideas at your disposal. You will want to be able to grab the attention of your potential customers to help your business to thrive. A small business consultant can help you to accomplish this. This is an individual trained to do this so that you can take care of other areas of the business that need attention. This is good for both you and your company.In our troubled economy it is important to hire a highly trained professional that can help your business stand out from the competition to help it succeed. A small business marketing consultant can help you to save a great deal of money by using techniques that have been proven to work. They can help you to increase your customer base as well as the demand for your product. This in turn will increase the money coming in from your business.Many business owners have great ideas but do not know how to implement them in the best way. A business can take up a great deal of your time and coming up with ways to increase the quantity of you customers and the need for your product may be very difficult. You may wonder why other businesses are thriving while yours seems to be at a stand still. There are many means of advertising that seem like a great way to get noticed including internet marketing, emails and television and radio advertisements. Choosing the right method can be difficult but is very important as most companies do not have the financial capability to do all of them. It is extremely useful to have people working to help your business succeed. Your company will continue to excel as long as you put everything you have into it.Trying to move your business forward on your own is not a good idea. The time and energy required is too much for one individual. Businesses that are very successful take advice from professionals. Small business marketing consultants are very educated in how a business works and can help you to make yours successful. There are new programs and different strategies that can be used but unless you are trained for using them they can be very intimidating. With the technology available to us we are able to become internationally recognized. This is why it is helpful to have a consultant in your corner.With the immense amount of competition that is out there it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Careful planning and creation and implementation of strategies with a trained individual can give your business the boost that it needs to get ahead. Find a consultant in your area to help your business move forward.

Small Business Marketing Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends That Thrive On New Age Lifestyles

With the advent of smart phone at the end of 2009, nearly every aspect of our lifestyles is affected by the little handy device called the cell phone, fortunately very often in more positive ways than not. Indeed, tapping on mobile marketing trends and incorporating them into your small business marketing strategies can give rise to enhancing your business bottom line.Our modern lifestyles have enabled us much greater mobility with the help of mobile technology which have impacted many facets of our lives. In fact, this aspect alone has impacted our daily lives to so a great extent and so much more is happening on a daily basis that it is difficult to keep up with, even for most marketers.Mobile Social Media – A Political Tool That Has Proven Very Fruitful The then Senator Barack Obama tapped on the younger Americans who seemed to be perpetually on their cell phones via Facebook and Twitter as well as using text messaging to spread and communicate his ideas, political aspirations and create a never-before bonding between the masses and the then presidential candidate.While that was the first most concerted effort by a high profile politician to use social media in tandem with mobile marketing technology so extensively, we can be sure to see much more of such activities in future within the political arena. Providing political communications a new and exciting avenue of expression will take greater shape over coming decade.Enhancing Business And Work Efficiency As it has been for a long time since the debut of the laptop, business meetings have taken a strong virtual presence, what with video conferencing saving you time, money and giving rise to greater efficiency at the work place. Nowadays, multi-way mobile conferencing has become the norm for many businesses. Group sms-ing are made easy with robust mobile technology and we no longer need to be strapped down at our work station with the desktop or laptop. In fact, a simple cell phone in hand is all you need.Eh… What is Mobile A&P again please?Mobile advertising or what I would term as Mobile A&P has begun to infiltrate our lives without us even realizing it. We could literally take a walk along a busy street and when we are less than 50 meters from any Starbucks, our mobile will automatically beep and prompt us of a 50 percent discount on its new cranberry caramel flavored coffee. Thanks to the GPS in your smart phone, location based marketing has taken off in a small but successful way.Goldmine Uncovered – Tapping on The Right Target Audience for Mobile MarketingCell phone penetration is about 1 billion out of the entire Chinese population which is the greatest emerging market for mobile marketing is Asia. This is only one emerging country amongst the many, according to Wikipedia statistics, with more than 100 percent cell phone penetration per population in key countries like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Chile, Malaysia, Brazil and the list goes on. Based on the above figures, it is not difficult to predict that mobile advertising will become a very lucrative business to embark upon.Indeed, most of these mobile marketing trends have started and some are fast developing into effective mobile marketing campaigns and more others being perfected over time. Whether you, as the innovative marketer or business owner, can capture the easy profits as first movers, is entirely up to you.

Small Business Marketing Strategies: How to Optimize for Local Search on Google

Search engine optimization for local searches requires quite a different approach than what would be used for searches on a larger scale. In this article I’m going to share with you the what’s required to perform well in local search so that your small business marketing stays on target.Claim your Google Business Listing. Sign into Google Business Listing Center, and claim your listing. You will then be able to appear on the Google Map – which is really something that will help your local business. There are so many mobile devices in operation nowadays – your business needs to be available online for people searching for suppliers when they are on the road. Your business will also be displayed on laptop and computer based searches.Categorize correctly. To categorize, think about what a person would need to Google to find a business like yours. Think products and services. If you are a bakery, a searcher might use ‘cakes’ or ‘bread’ as opposed to ‘bakery’. Get clear on you categories and use them consistently – don’t overlap.Consistency, accuracy and currency. Keep all mentions of your business consistent. This means address, categorization, telephone numbers, and website addresses. Google is going to be checking the data that is available. Google works hard at producing relevant result, so make sure it can find you and feel confident that you are open for business. Check data in other online directories such as Yellow Pages and InfoUSA for consistency.Add a meta description to your site. A meta description is a brief and concise description of your company. It will be displayed in search results under the link to a website page. It counts in search engine optimization and should be written to accompany each page. It should contain your selected keywords (i.e. products, brands and location). It should encourage viewers of a search result page to click into your site. A strong keyworded meta description not only supports your small business marketing efforts, it will help with your search engine results too. Add your telephone number to it too – so that people can call you immediately without even needing to go into your website.Get customer reviews. Ensure that your business is collecting reviews. If there isn’t an industry review site, then direct happy clients to your Google Business Listing. Google is watching the quantity and quality of reviews in addition to your prospects. Encourage and ask customers for reviews in emails, on business cards and on invoices.Age of your domain counts. It’s not just about how old your site is, it’s about how long it has left on its registration too. Register your domain name for at least another 5 years. Google wants to know that you are going to be around for quite a while longer yet, and you are not just a fly by night business setup.Videos and images. Add videos and images to your Google Business Listing. You can add 10 images and up to 5 videos. Also add video and images to your site. Google is looking for credibility and so are your customers. They want to know how your premises look.Do you have an establishment of some quality or is it just an aluminum roadside shack?Link to directories. Get the word out about your business by adding it to directories, like InfoUSA and Yellow Pages, and Google will check to see what coverage there is of a business to determine whether it is a credible business.Your small business marketing efforts may significantly improve by paying attention to the details of Google Local Business listings. It’s your turn to shine, and to reel in the profits!